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responsible, professional, aware.

Our_world_page_imgWe value our planet. We understand and acknowledge our duty to protect and conserve it.

We are committed to ensuring that the operational activity of the company and its employees is at all times in line with the Environmental Policy as laid out by the company.

Paper, board and raw materials used within the manufacturing processes are taken from sustainable, managed sources. Where possible, the materials are ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free) and completely biodegradable. Waste paper materials are removed from the plant by approved contractors, where it is then sorted for recycling.

Where solvents and chemicals are used, all of the residual or waste products are collected in sealed containers and then taken off-site by authorised contractors to arrange for its safe disposal.

The act of disposal is documented and confirmed to us by way of certification. The contractors are authorised by the regulatory authorities and iPrint actively checks the validity of the contractor’s licences on a regular basis. No waste or by-products of any process within the company enters the site drainage system.

Waste printing plates are collected and stored safely within the factory before being removed for recycling. Energy usage is monitored and kept to the minimum required for daily operation. The company does not operate any illuminated signage, except for those required by law.