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precision, consistency.

our_studio_page_imgOur Pre-Press Department provides an advanced PDF, RIP once, workflow solution via our Kodak Prinergy Evo system. This means we can fully trap PDF files within our workflow and output either to low-res emailable versions or hard copy for client approval. This ensures complete integrity of your artwork files through proofing to plate making, guaranteeing that the printed image we produce is the exact file that is proofed and approved by you.

The CIP4 technology enables colour profiles generated by your artwork through our workflow to be sent from our repro department directly to the press. This drastically speeds up make-readies and enables us to reproduce and print at much finer screen rulings. We can print and hold anything between a 1% to a 99% dot to produce a rich and continuous tone. Tints and vignettes are smooth, more vibrant, sharper.